Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon is a freelance writer based in Detroit.

Huma Abedin Blamed For Clinton Loss, Judge Orders Release Of Search Warrant Into Her Emails

Huma Abedin is being blamed for Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss in November’s election. Abedin, who has spent most of her political career working for the former First Lady, continues to be the subject of controversy in the weeks following the election. The Washington Times reported that a federal judge ordered a release of the search warrant used by the FBI to search Abedin’s emails. It was confirmed that the warrant will be released by the court on Tuesday at noon. Judge P. Kevin Castel said

Justin Trudeau’s Castro Statement Causes Internet Backlash

Justin Trudeau’s Castro statement has resulted in harsh criticism from the internet. He released the statement following the former Cuban president’s death on Friday. Unlike other world leaders who used Castro’s death to speak against his tyrannical dictatorship, Trudeau instead chose to honor him. The statement was posted on Trudeau’s website and praised Castro’s leadership skills. “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President. “Fidel Castro was

What To Expect From Monday’s Electoral College Vote

The Electoral College meets this Monday after one of the craziest election cycles in U.S. history. Six weeks after the vote, in which Donald Trump unexpectedly won based on projected Electoral College votes, 538 people will meet to determine whether or not he will actually become the next president. This election has been a tumultuous one, with people protesting everything from the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, to allegations that Russia attempted to interfere in the election.

Donald Trump Slams ‘Vanity Fair’ On Twitter

Donald Trump slammed Vanity Fair on Twitter after it published an unflattering review of his restaurant on Wednesday. The president-elect has received media attention lately for his use of the social media platform to vent his frustration with various issues. The latest Twitter rant concerned the magazine Vanity Fair, which he described as “dead.” Trump’s issue with the publication arose after a reporter gave Trump Grill “a scathing review,” according to Business Insider. Trump criticized the e

Faithless Electors In History Never Changed An Election, 2016 Is No Different

Faithless electors in history have never changed the outcome of an election. Still, people hoped that this would be the year that they kept the presumptive winner of an election out of the White House. Those who put their hope in electors defecting from Donald Trump, however, have had their dreams crushed. While Monday’s Electoral College vote did see some electors refusing to vote for their party’s candidate, the result was nowhere near what was needed to keep Trump from being confirmed as the